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  • tweeter design thumb

    Tweeter – Things to know about designs and materials

    Tweeter is an important part to consider when buying a new car speaker. But do you know how to choose the right tweeter for your audio system? Two main factors to consider when choosing a tweeter is the design and the material. While the woofer reproduce the sound at the lower frequencies, makes the drum …

  • how to install car speakers - thumb

    Tips and tricks on installing car speakers

    Installing car speakers isn’t as hard as you think ! Removing built-in car speakers and installing car speakers has been common these days. You can easily spend a little money to have them done but ain’t it gonna be fun to DIY? Moreover, the aftermarket speakers are not that expensive and not too difficult to …

  • how to install new tweeters - thumb

    How to install new tweeters?

    Want to know how to install new tweeters in your car? All you need to know is here! If you are planning to have an upgrade for your car stereo system, you need to know How to install new tweeters in your car. In car speaker system, tweeters are working together with the woofers to …

  • what to look for when buying new car speakers

    What to look for when buying new car speakers?

    What to look for when buying new car speakers? Ask yourself this question when consider to upgrade your car speakers. Firstly, you need to know the basics of 2 car speaker types and decide whether coaxial or component speaker is needed for your car. If you are planning to upgrade your car speakers, you need …

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